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Software that connects two disparate applications, allowing them to communicate with each other and to exchange data.




An AIDC Middleware:

Automatic Identification and Control Platform for managing RFID Readers, Camera streams, Microcontrollers data and routing its streams between hardware and enterprise systems. Also it filter the data to produce meaningful information.

System Archticture:

iSolis is designed to work with all AIDC technology hardware in a generic mode which allows system integrators to build thier own high level business application whithout single line of code related to hardware integration.

MW System Archticture

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iSolis Platform Functionalities:

  • Hardware and device management

 - Allow users to configure, deploy, and issue commands directly to readers / hardware through a common / generic interface. E.g., “turn off” a reader.

 - Hardware buffering for installed hardware to deliver easy and fast interaction with them.

  • Data managemen

- Intelligently filter and route the data to the appropriate destinations.

- Low-level logic and more complex algorithms.

- Tools for aggregating and managing EPC data or streams in central data source.

  • Application integration

 - iSolis middleware engine provide the messaging, routing, and connectivity features required to reliably integrate RFID data and data streams into existing   SCM, ERP, WMS or CRM systems Ideally through a services-oriented architecture (SOA).

- A services-oriented architecture is essentially a collection of services, which communicate with each other.
- The communication can involve either simple data exchange or two or more services coordinating some activity and implemented using Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation.
- iSolis provide a library of adapters to popular AMS, WMS and SCM applications (e.g. Oracle, SQL server)

- APIs and adapters for using standard technologies like JMS, XML, and WCF (third-party applications).


  • Process management and application development

 - Orchestrate RFID-related end-to-end processes.

- Deal with multiple applications and/or enterprises.

- Key process management and composite application development features.

- Workflow, role management, process automation, and UI (user-interface) development tools.


  • Data Buffering
- Real time data flow to be buffered quickly and efficiently
- High traffic throughput
- Data Buffer:
*Active & manageable buffers
*Real time data buffering
*Feed the Business Intelligence workflow module in real time
*Queuing tool that does not cause delay in data traveling
  • Management & troubleshooting tools

- Ability to measure average latency of data bit before processing.

- Event/Alarm logging & search (buffer overflow, processing overflow, etc.)

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