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computer vision lab

1- Powerful Image Processing and Analysis

The Computer Vision Laboratory, works on the computer-based interpretation of 2D and 3D image data sets from conventional and non-conventional image sources.


The computer vision lab performs research in the fields of Image Analysis and Visualization, Object Recognition, Gesture Analysis, Tracking, and Scene Understanding and Modeling


Key Benefits

- Advanced Image Acquisition

- Fine tuned algorithms for speed and accuracy.

- Integrated tools for faster developmen.

- Cost effective and scalable solutions.


2- Visual Programming Software for Image Analysis



- Intuitive block-diagram interface delivers rapid turnkey solutions

- Designed for Windows 95 and NT 4.0

- Quick prototyping

- Data visualization

- Interactive debugging

- Hardware acceleration

- Run-time development



- Machine inspection

- Biomedical analysis

- Security and surveillance

- Motion analysis

- Scientific research

- Educational programs


3- Powerful Development Interface


- Graphical point and click program construction enables rapid prototyping

- Moveable and resizable windows offer optimal developer layout

- Versatile Region Of Interest options for processing flexibility

- Monitor and reporting windows provide immediate status feedback

- Instruction tool bars allow quick access to program functions

- Built-in editing and debug tools


4- Camera Flexibility


- Full support for DALSA analog and digital (CameraLink) frame grabbers

- Compatible with both Area and Line scan cameras with mono and/or color format imagers

- Directly connects to Firewire, GigE (DALSA) and USB cameras

- Allows mixing of imager type, resolution and interface in the same application

- Supports synchronous and asynchronous triggering


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