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Fiber Optics Lab1

1-Fiber Optics Laboratory Packages


Fiber Optics Tools

2- Fiber Optics Training  CD's

- Introduction to Fiber Optic Theory and Fiber Structure

- Fiber Optic Applications

- Plastic Optical Fiber

- Fiber Optic Testing, Troubleshooting and Documentation

- History of Fiber Optics

- Fiber Optic Installation

- Fiber Optic Safety

- Understanding and Using The OTDR

- Single mode Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration

- Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optics Testing

- Fiber Optic Connectors, Connectorization and Patch Panels

- Fiber Optic Splicing and Splice Closures

- Fiber Optic LEDs, Lasers and Detectors

- Fiber Optic Couplers, Switches and Isolators

- Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

   - Fiber Optic System Design

  - Lasers as a Tool


3-Fiber Optics Testing Instruments

4- Multi-purpose TDR for optic & metallic cables

5- Optical Fusion Splicer


Model 1800 is a machine which aligns X & Y coordinates alternatively while model 2600 does it simultaneously. These are ideal low cost machines for laboratory & field work. The splice loss is 0.01 db for MM.Typical Splicing time is 15 seconds. Teh machine can stores data for 250 splice result. The menu driven program, splice processes and splice results. These machines are light weight, easily portable and can be worked on small table top or flat space. Battery or Mains operations are possible. These machines are supplied with standard accessories such as cleaver, spare electrodes,battery,Power Supply & Carrying Case.fo4


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