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HaderoonDifficulties in University Student Attendance Monitoring

  • The educational process is the prime goal for the university management and faculty and as such the attendance monitoring for students although important but also source of issues:
  • The loss of approximately 20 minutes of the lecture time for a section of 40 students (loss is proportional to the size of the section)
  • Undue burden on the lecturer before starting the lecture decreases his ability to perform his primary job.
  • Wasteful distraction of students' attention.
  • Inaccurate attendance reporting for large sections (with more than 40 students which is the case for 60% of the sections).
  • The loss of another 30 minutes of the lecturer time to enter the attendance details in the Academic System after the lecture.
  • So if the lecturer has 4 sections, 1.25 hour is lost from lecture time and 2 hours are lost from the office hours of the lecturer.

Implementation of the RFID Student Attendance System

  • RFID ID cards are issued to each student
  • Student ID card is linked to the Academic System
  • Relevant Infrastructure is installed in the lecture rooms
  • Control room is established to monitor the attendance of students
  • Before lecture, the system imports the schedules and prepares each room with the related lecture.
  • During lecture, the system captures students' attendance in the class by reading their ID cards and displays a list of their names, numbers, and photos.
  • During lecture, the system will register the student as absent if leaves before attending the required minimum time.
  • After the lecture, the attendance report is automatically sent to the Academic System.
  • The system provides the faculty members with full reports of attendance in lectures and subjects.
  • The system provides the dean with a dashboard screen to show real-time attendance of all lectures


Super ERA of Students Attendance Capabilities - Single Student ID Card

  • Automatic attendance reporting for registered lectures
  • Automatic entry to authorized Parking
  • Automated checkout of borrowed library books
  • Automated checkout of meals in university restaurant
  • Automatic entry to university living dorms



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