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With experience in RFID filed for more than 7 years in KSA and Gulf area, Modern Technology provides a complete Asset Management and Tracking System called Asset Trail, which is working based on Active & Passive RFID. It enables you to get information about your assets remotely or wire free and audit your organization assets faster and more accurate.

The solution provides two stages of assets security:

First stage:

For the high value mobile assets, we attach an Active RFID tag on each asset and the system indicates when any restricted movement occurs by sending SMS or email to the system users. And this provides assets audit 24/7 and this can’t be achieved except using this high technology.

Second Stage:

For the other assets (cheap assets), the solution provides a high tech audit process using RFID handheld device which it is a PDA attached to it RFID reader. By attaching Passive RFID tags to cheap assets, these tags enable the system to identify the asset using the handheld device which it is easy, fast and accurate.


Asset Trail Enterprise, which it is web based software which enables the user to manage and monitor organization assets, also it has a feature of integrating with your CCTV system installed to remote view your assets and record on event. It handles the assets classification, locations, guardianship, and audit in addition to RFID hardware installation and remote status management.


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